The Tintagel Cycle Books

Book 1 – Tintagel Cycle: The Blood of KingsThe Blood of Kings

This novel tells the story of Flavius Magnus Maximus who rises from the ranks of Rome’s legions to become the High King of Britannia after his marriage to the daughter of one of the British tribal kings. It is story behind the Legend of Macsen Wledig, a prophecy that comes to fruition when Maximus takes a combined Romano-British army into Gaul to usurp the might of Rome. He meets with some success and eventually becomes the co-emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

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Book 2 – Tintagel Cycle: The Poisoned ThroneThe-Poisoned-Throne

This novel tells the story of Constantinus, a Roman centurion, who marries Severa, the daughter of the late Maximus. Their union is predicted in a prophecy that says that Constantinus will, like Maximus, become the High King of Britannia. As with Maximus, the High King will also seek the throne of the Western Empire and will challenge the power of the existing emperor. He is successful initially and declares himself as the co-emperor, Constantine III, but, as with Maximus, he will be defeated by his own hubris.

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Book 3 – Tintagel Cycle: The Wolf of Midnight


When Flavius Constantine, the High King of Britannia, is killed and his eldest son and heir Constans, is murdered, the path lies clear for Vortigern to seize the throne. Only Queen Severa’s young sons, Ambrosius and Uther, stand in the way of Vortigern’s evil plan. Sensing the boys are in mortal danger, Constantine’s loyal Decurion, Paulus, and Severa’s beloved brother, Pridenow, smuggle the infants into exile. Meanwhile, Queen Severa is forced to endure Vortigern’s relentless brutality in her desperate bid to hold together the fractured throne. But she is no match for the Wolf of Midnight and it is only in the fullness of time that her sons will return to Britannia to claim the throne and fulfil their destiny…