Merlin Books

DRAGON'S CHILD Book 1 – Prophecy: Clash of Kings

This book covers Merlin’s unnatural birth, the attempt by the High King, Vortigern, to sacrifice him and the boy’s decision to become a healer. In battles of increasing bloodiness, Merlin learns what it is to save life rather than take it. As a healer, he learns the real meaning of power as he attempts to discover the secrets of his birth.

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Book 2- Merlin: Death of an Empire

Death of an Empire charts the slow decay of Roman control over Europe. As travelling healers, Myrddion and his friends are caught up in Attila the Hun’s invasion of Europe at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plain. Meets extraordinary men and earns their enmity before escaping to Rome. But even here he is not safe and flees to Constantinople, the centre of the civilized world and the place where his rapist father rules supreme. The meeting is not auspicious.

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Book 3 – Merlin: Web of Deceit

Despairing after meeting with his father and the loss of his first true love, Arthur returns to Britain. He immediately comes to the attention of Uther Pendragon, the violent, talented and unpredictable war leader who wishes to use Merlin’s significant skills in his wars against the Saxons. When Merlin refuses, Uther coerces the young man into obedience. From one bloody encounter to another, Merlin learns the madness of his patron. He is saved for a time by Ambrosius, the High King of the Britons who uses Merlin to train healers and set up a spy network, but the untimely death of Ambrosius from poisoning places Merlin back into Uther’s callous hands. And Uther lusts after Ygerne, the Pearl of Cornwall and wife of King Gorlois, the Iron Duke. Worse still, Merlin must disregard his scruples to give Uther what he lusts after – or many others will die. What is the young healer to do? How can good come out of wickedness?

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