King Arthur: Warrior of the West

The epic tale of Arthur: High King of the Britons.

Twelve long, blood-soaked years have passed since Artor fulfilled his destiny and was crowned High King.   Against all odds, Artor has united Celtic Britain and with a last great campaign has banished the Saxon scourge from his lands.

The legend of Camlann has begun………….

But even as Artor’s kingdom is at its zenith, even as he has succeeded in conquering the external threats to his rule, his kingdom is being undermined from within.  For Artor has chosen Wenhaver as his queen and his second wife.  Wenhaver will always love what she cannot have and have what she cannot love, and her bitterness threatens to bring down those around her.

Not only is Artor betrayed by the one person he should be able to trust, he has also learned of appalling perversion at the heart of his kingdom.  He must make a terrible choice.  Does he commit a deed that leaves him open to comparison with the despotic Uther Pendragon, the evil High King who preceded him on the throne, or does he let evil go unchecked?

The burden of leadership and power now rests solely – and heavily – on Artor’s shoulders, for Myrddion Merlinus (Merlin), the master tactician, who has guided his way for so many years, has left Artor to his fate.

Could all that Artor has fought for be lost?

‘Artor will be the greatest of men.

When the stars fall –

and all we know is forgotten –

Artor will be remembered.

We, too, will become creatures of myth,

as insubstantial as ghosts,

because we were a part of his life here on earth.

Some men were born for burdens

and one of those is Artor.

Some men were born for tears

and Artor is also one of those men.’


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“Fans of Fiona McIntosh, David Gemmell’s Troy and Manfredi’s ‘Alexander’ series will greedily devour this book.”

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