It’s Real!!!!

My friends keep waiting for me to become excited at my great good fortune since I’ve been in the writing game for I’ve received contracts with Headline Review in the UK and the translation of my works into foreign languages. Then, to cap it all off, I have recently entered into a massive series of contracts with Simon & Schuster US, of New York, who will release all eight of the Arthurian novels throughout the massive North American market.

I confess that, like all people who have gained success in later life, I have never quite believed in my good fortune. Somehow, I thought the whole experience would prove to be a very detailed dream and that I’d ultimately wake up – still sleepy and disillusioned.

I’ve recently received the cover of Prophecy: Web of Deceit, which is the final novel of the Merlin Trilogy. Once again, the designers at Headline Review have excelled themselves. What a gorgeous cover, and the designers deserve all the kudos we can give them! I’m truly proud of this book, especially as I’ve evaluated all my novels to date and placed them in order of my own preferences. Web of Deceit (AKA Hunting with Gods in the US) is a hard book, one that shows how a decent man can be corrupted, even while he struggles to do the right thing. I hope that its success will finally convince me that the whole mad ride during the last five years has the smack of reality about it.

There are battles and there is death in this novel, and the story-line includes the assassination of one good king and the success of a wicked one. But throughout it all, I hope our readers will see that I believe that the human species is greater than its individual heroes or villains. Somehow, things always work out for the best. Whether we attribute this success to God , pagan religions or the luck of Fortuna doesn’t really matter in the end for, collectively, human being have that spark within them that rises above venality, wickedness or active corruption. Perhaps it is the Divine Spark.

At any rate, people are at their best and their worst in my Merlin Trilogy. I wrote it as well as I could, as honestly as I could and with as much attention to the necessary research as I could muster. Vanity or literary games have no place in this work because I believe the Arthuriad is too important a document. Ultimately, the birth of King Arthur reminds us that there is always hope and always a better tomorrow. What more can we ask of life?