The Problem of Merlin

 As seen by Doctor Marilyn Hume Researching the history of Myrddion Emrys Merlinus, or Merlin, almost drove me crazy. It was quite difficult to create a heroic and intensively masculine character from the Dark Ages who can never be a warrior, can never win renown in battle or can stand as a ‘manly’ man in…

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The Business of Writing, by Doctor Marilyn Hume (c)

Hi to everybody.  I hope all is well in your world. I have been getting a lot of requests from people seeking advice on the technical aspects of writing, especially how to get started and the golden rules of what to do and what not to do. I’ve written a bit of a blurb on…

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Who The Hell Was Taliessin ?

A few people have asked me who’ll figure in “The Twilight of the Celts” book series when they are eventually released (after the final Merlin Book is published).  All I’m allowed to say at this stage is that the series tells us what happens to the Celtic peoples after the death of King Arthur, and…

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Merlin Facts, Myths or Fiction

1.   Merlin was reputedly born at Caer Fyrddin which is now modern Carmarthen. Today,    the city claims its oldest, legendary son and several businesses are named after the seer. 2.   Merlin was named Myrddin Emrys for the Sun God of the Celts. For further details, read the works of John Rhys, the Welsh scholar. 3.  …

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A Tale of Three Titles

Merlin- Prophecy: Clash of Kings, the first novel in my “Dark Ages” trilogy, came into being because one of the readers who enjoyed the King Arthur series wondered how Myrddion ( Merlin) would have been when he was a young man in those days before King Arthur arrived on the British landscape. The idea appealed…

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Glastonbury: England’s Mirror in Microcosm

When I first came to Glastonbury in a late November’s afternoon in 2008, I thought I had been transported into the sixteenth century.  Momentarily, I felt enfolded by the past and comforted by a feeling of great age and mysticism that matched the wide plain, the ancient hills and the village staggering its ancient path…

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The Round Table: Fact, Fiction or Faction ?

I am just on my way back to OZ after spending the last couple of months in Copenhagen and the UK.  I had some amazing experiences because this trip was a mixture of research and promotion, so I’ve been flat out. How about this for the coincidence of the year? When we were writing the…

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