Merlin Facts, Myths or Fiction

1.   Merlin was reputedly born at Caer Fyrddin which is now modern Carmarthen. Today,    the city claims its oldest, legendary son and several businesses are named after the seer.

2.   Merlin was named Myrddin Emrys for the Sun God of the Celts. For further details, read the works of John Rhys, the Welsh scholar.

3.   Merlin was reputed to be a shape-shifter, a statesman and a magician.

4.   According to legend, Merlin’s father was a demon who raped his royal mother.

5.   According to legend, Merlin was captured by Vortigern, the High King of the Britons, whose tower in his castle at Dina Emrys kept falling down.The king’s magicians told him that he must seal the stones of the tower with the blood of a demon seed.

6.   Merlin escaped being sacrificed by Vortigern by prophesying that a pond could be found under the foundations of the tower.  There, two dragons, one of ice (white) and one of fire (red) were fighting in a death struggle. The red dragon would eventually defeat the white.  Merlin then went on to predict many wonders in the future, so Vortigern allowed him to live.

7.   Merlin was reputed to have built the Giant’s Dance (Stonehenge) as a memorial to the High King, Ambrosius.  This was eventually proved to be untrue as the structure pre-dated the Dark Ages.

8.  During his youth, Merlin is supposed to have lost his family and to have become quite mad with grief.

9.  Merlin served Uther Pendragon during the High King’s reign.  According to the legends, Pendragon admired the intelligence of Merlin although they had no liking for each other and Uther did not trust his servant.

10.  Merlin is reputed to have the ability to transport himself across the country by the use of his magic.  He is believed to have been preternaturally wise.