King Arthur: Dragon’s Child

The epic tale of the man destined to become King Arthur: Dux Bellorum and High King of the Britons.

It’s the Dark Ages, a time of chaos and bloodshed for the Roman legions have deserted the Isles and the despotic Uther Pendragon, High King of Celtic Britain, is nearing death.  As the tyrant falters, his kingdom is being torn apart by the squabbling of minor kings who jostle to assume his throne.

Only one man can bring the Celts together as a nation.  The story that follows is the legend of Artorex, the man destined to be King Arthur.

Tall for his years, the young man is growing up in the household of Lord Ector in northern Britain as the nobleman’s foster-child.  Artorex had been sent to Ector as a babe in arms by the Bishop of Glastonbury to protect the young man from murderous kin.  Although his parentage is unknown, life has been unremarkable for the lad within the bosom of Ector’s family.  That is, until the arrival of three influential men who visit Ector including Myrddion Merlinus (Merlin).  They arrange for Arthur to be taught the martial skills of the warrior: blade and shield, horse and fire, pain and bravery.

When they return some years later, Artorex is not only trained in the arts of battle, but he is also a married man.  They are concerned at this development for the country is in desperate straits for the great cities of the east are falling to the menace of Saxon hordes.

In spite of Uther, Artorex becomes a war chieftain, and wins many battles that earn him the trust of his Celtic warriors and prove that he alone can unite the tribes of Britain.  But, if he is to fulfil his destiny and become the High King of the Britons, Artorex must find Uther’s crown and sword which have been secretly hidden from view.

The Future of Britain is at stake.

‘Greater even than thy father,

And greater than thy son,

you will save your world for a time

but it will be at the cost

of all that you hold dear.

Time will not change you,

Nor shatter your promise.

You shall live,

though your body be dead,

long after the might of Rome

has fallen into the dust.’


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“Exciting, violent and bloody and full of historical facts to keep you gripped throughout. Up there with Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell“.