Me and Steve Vizard

When I was a younger woman, Steve Vizard ruled the television stations of Australia. Plugging into the distinctly Australian sense of humour, he came to epitomise a funny, penetrating and intelligent ‘TAKE’ on Australian life and their mannerisms. I admired his wit and brilliance enormously and never imagined that I would speak with him one day.

So, when my publicist informed methat I would be interviewed by Steve Vizard on MTR (Melbourne Talkback Radio) I had no idea how I was going to conquer my nerves, speaking to someone I earnestly admired.

Yes, the interview went fine and was very complimentary, but I believe that what I enjoyed most was his praise for getting off my backside and doing something to better my lot (and that of my family) even at my age. Jeez, I hate the use of terms such as even. I think Steve Vizard hates them too. In all seriousness, the world does belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, and age has nothing to do with it. It seems to me that it’s looking forward that counts, not backwards as if the best of your life was done and gone.

I’m determined that the best of my life is yet to come. I may not have the breadth of years in front of me that I once had, but I’ve learned some wisdom and patience to cope with life’s buffeting. I also know that there are huge mountains to climb, creaking bones or not, and there are dreams that are clear, strong and possible.

Perhaps I’ll meet a few more idols of mine along the way. That’s far better than getting old before your time, isn’t it?


And while I’m at it, the ABC came a’calling!

I haven’t been to Southbank in Brisbane for years, although I mostly live in the same city as this remarkable precinct. Two interviews with the ABC in the same day changed all that.

On Tuesday, 21st February, I caught a taxi to Southbank right near Brisbane’s eye, the Ferris Wheel next to the lovely arched walkways of Bougainvillea. I was welcomed at the new headquarters of the ABC in Queensland and my first interview was with Mary-Lou Stephens for the Gold Coast ABC. She is very knowledgeable and I found her delightful.

The presenters at the ABC really know their stuff, so Auntie should be congratulated.

Seated in the Tardis alone, while linked with Mary-Lou by a set of headphones, I enjoyed an interview that had obviously been well researched. She knew all about my Phd thesis which covered a nutter called Charles Williams who wrote the most amazing Arthurian Literature that no one seems able to understand. Although she wasn’t familiar with the man himself, she forgave me for referring to him as a fruit bat.

And then it was off to meet Kate Evans of Radio National, Book and Arts Daily. This was a special treat. Not only did I get to sit with the presenter, but she had obviously read the book and had prepared questions that really challenged and interested me. It was fantastic! I love to watch professionals at their work, and I’ve met three in a week.

Next week I’m off to Radio 4ZZZ for their morning show with Roni Sari. How good is that? It will be nice to compare the differing interviewing techniques.
Fortunately, my nerves seem to vanish as soon as I start speaking, because I’m so passionate about my subject matter. Both of the ABC presenters zeroed in on this aspect of my interviews, almost as if such passion was unusual. I make no apologies for my enthusiasm. Myrddion Merlinus and King Artor are very real to me, so I’m happy to give them life as wonderful people that I now know well who are separate from myself as their creator.

I will always be grateful to Artor, Myrddion, Targo, Gruffydd, Bedwyr and all the rest of my characters. They may have come to life from my brain, but something in the adaptation of their characters seemed to become a special journey for me. I’ve come to love them and to wish them well in their lives, for I believe they’ll live during the centuries to come and continue to give pleasure to those who value the Arthurian Legends, the Matter of Britain.

Ave, my friends.

M.K. Hume

Click play to listen to the interview audio (Running time: 6m 56s)