M.K. Hume

What’s Out and About

Book two of the English language version of The Tintagel Chronicles is on the shelves in the UK and Europe and sales are moving along well. The E-book version is also available from Headline Review, Hachette and Amazon.

Titled The Poisoned Throne, this novel tells the story of Constantine, the Roman commander who becomes High King of Britannia and, later, co-emperor of the Western Roman Empire. It’s a good read for devotees of quality historical fiction.

My editor tells me that the novel has been released in hard cover and trade paperback, while the regular paperback version is about to appear on the shelves. There are also E-book versions available for the technologically-gifted.”

Australia and New Zealand can expect The Poisoned Throne to appear in bookshops and the internet in the near future. (They’re shipped in by sea!)

What’s Also Available

My editor at Headline Review has commissioned me to provide the publisher with the occasional novella (about 100 pages) and some short stories (about 30 pages) to coincide with the release of each full-length novel. These offerings are portrayals of some of the secondary characters in the novels. Details of these offerings can be obtained from Headline Review in London.

The titles usually appear on the inside jackets whenever a new novel is released and I commend the mini-books to you. They would be especially useful if you are stuck on an aircraft for what seems like a thousand years and you need something to read that will fit into a time-frame that has you at its mercy. Please let me know by e-mail if you like/dislike these offerings and whether you found them worth your while.

What’s Coming

The third book of the Tintagel Chronicles trilogy will be out in late 2016. Unfortunately, a health issue interfered with its progress but all is well now and the work is advancing quite well. You’ll like it when it eventually reaches your pillow.

This trilogy gave us an insight into the lives of the major characters (prior to the advent of Merlin) who influenced the Coming of Arthur.

Book One of the Tintagel trilogy told us of the life and times of Flavius Magnus Maximus, the Roman commander who became the High King of Britannia and, later, made an abortive attempt to become the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

Book Two, The Poisoned Throne, follows the marriage of Severa to Constantine, another Roman commander who followed in the doomed footsteps of Magnus Maximus. Severa bears two sons to Constantine, Ambrosius and Uther, names that will resonate with those readers who know and love the Matter of Britain and the legends of 5th and 6th century Britain.

The third book in this trilogy is the tale of King Vortigern’s early years, his marriage to the widowed Severa and the birth of their son, Vortimer.

This novel is also the tale of her foster-brother, Pridenow, who fathers the beautiful Ygerne. Ygerne will, in turn, marry Gorlois, the ruler of Cornwall.

Later, she will become the mother of Arthur after a brutal rape at the hands of Uther Pendragon.

The novel lays the groundwork for the mix of history, legend and myth that finds its zenith in the tale of King Arthur and the Arthuriad, a genre that has lasted for fifteen hundred years.

In blood and violent death, Arthur’s parentage and his ancestry is central to the birth of the West’s most enduring champion. This hero will become Arthur, High King of the Britons.